The best postpartum belly wrap for after pregnancy

It’s been a little over one month since I had my fourth child. I’ve gotten a lot compliments and questions from you guys about how quickly I’ve bounced back to pre-pregnancy weight! To be honest, I have to thank the waist shaper that I’ve been using for the past 5 years. It’s the best postpartum belly wrap, that is actually not marketed as a “belly wrap” for new moms at all! If you’re looking for the best postpartum belly wrap for your tummy, I recommend you try this waist shaper!

Since I had my daughter 6 years ago, I tried everything I could to wrap my belly, and everything seemed to stretch out, left or didn’t hold as well around my abdominal area. I looked horrible in all of my clothes. I didn’t want to wear jeans and I didn’t want to wear form-fitting clothes.

The waist shaper has really helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy shape after having 4 babies. It’s been life changing for me! I’ve been able to get back into my jeans, shorts and dresses. It doesn’t shift or lift or stretch out. It’s like a giant rubberband.

I wear my waist shaper everyday for a few hours, for special occasions and when I’m cleaning around the house or working out. It has motivated me to get back into shape faster. I have two nude waist shapers (actually I have several colorful ones including a pink, blue and purple too) that I wear under my clothes. The nude latex waist shaper has three rows of hooks so you can adjust it as you wear it around your waist. The second one I have also has hooks but it comes with an outer zipper. You can get it here from They are both equally amazing! You can even get colored waist shapers including a pink, purple and blue! If you’re looking for the best postpartum belly wrap for your tummy, try the waist shaper!

A few tips for wearing your waist shaper / belly wrap:

  • You will need to stretch it out first because it’s made of latex, it’s meant to stretch. Use your hands to stretch it out
  • Wear it for an hour on the first day. As you wear it more often it will stretch out and feel more comfortable to wear for longer stretches of time
  • Drink lots of water, stay hydrated. Use the waist shaper in addition to eating health and exercising for optimal results
  • If you’re not sure about your size, I would size up so it’s more comfortable for you

The latex waist shaper is not sold in stores, at least I haven’t seen any! I purchased mine from They have quite a few different colors and styles and they offer coupons/sales all the time on the waist shapers so don’t buy it at retail price!

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