Have an Instagram? Get connected with big brands to create sponsored content and get PAID!

If you have an Instagram page or other social networking pages with a growing following, here is an easy way to get connected to big brands so that you can start monetizing your page!

You may have seen posts on Instagram that include the hashtag #Sponsored or #Ad – it means the person was paid for creating that content for the company or a product. One way to connect with these brands and get your own posts sponsored is by signing up with an influencer marketing program like IZEA. IZEA offers a way for normal people like you and me to make money by creating and sharing content on our social media pages.

Getting started is easy. You can sign up for free here

Once your account is approved, you’ll be able to see a list of current and new sponsorship opportunities. You’ll need to apply or “bid” to these offers. If approved, the marketing manager on that campaign will contact you and give you directions on how or what to post. As your following grows, your ability to negotiate higher paying rates or having more creative freedom on your posts does too!

Keep in mind that not all campaigns will be appropriate for your social page but it’s always better to apply to a greater number so that your chances of working with a brand increases. Read the overview for each campaign and answer truthfully or don’t be afraid to skip one that might not be a fit for your vision.

I wish you good luck on your brand sponsorship search and let me know if you score an amazing gig or tag me on Instagram @amowithkids

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