The baby-wearing kangaroo shirt is cute but it’s not practical

My baby girl is just under a month old! I could not wait to try out this Baby-Wearing Kangaroo Top I purchased a few months back (it’s non-branded). I was deeply disappointed! When I tried it on, I had a hard time letting my hands go. I had to support my newborn’s head (obviously), back and her bottom. The shirt kept “hanging” down where her bum was but at the same time, it was riding up around my hip.

It’s great for pictures but not very practical at all if you plan to be out and about.

The baby-wearing kangaroo top that I purchased was fairly cheap (under $20) and it was rather thin. There is a more expensive brand that runs for $75 but I would not pay $75 for one either, no matter the quality. I would rather spend that money on something that can be more useful, such as a baby carrier, a stroller or a carseat.

If you’re thinking about one, I don’t recommend it because of the reasons I mentioned above. Plus, what happens when your baby is out of the shirt? You end up walking around with a shirt that has a pouch on the front.

Honestly, it’s better to get a baby wrap that you can take off when you’re not wearing your baby and still enjoy wearing your favorite top of the day. If you still want to cuddle and have your newborn close against your chest, a baby wrap is a better option!

Here are some alternatives that I recommend:

Moby Baby Wrap – Moby is a trusted and well-known brand among baby wrap carriers that you can’t go wrong with.

Ergobaby – Ergobaby has some of the best ergonomic baby carriers. They also have a baby wrap that’s fairly priced

Baby K’tan – these are highly rated by parents and they come in different sizes. You can also wear it in as a sling.

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