New Hmong-inspired skirt with geometric pattern

I’m so excited to share with you the newest skirt that I personally designed, inspired by the classic pattern you find on many Hmong skirts. I’ve always wanted to create clothing that is inspired by Hmong custom clothing and that can actually be worn on a daily basis. Many Hmong garments are designed and meant to be worn on special occasions only. I literally have 4 suitcases full of Hmong garments that are so intricate and only meant to be worn during the Hmong New Year but I actually never get to wear it! It’s a shame that the beauty of the Hmong clothing is something that we can’t wear more often.

This skirt is such a practical and comfortable piece, printed onto a blend of polyester/spandex fabric that’s fit for all body types, including my huge prego self! I wore it under my belly and over my belly so that you can see the versatility and stretch of the skirt.

The skirt is now available for purchase in two sizes! Check it out over at my design shop!

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