DIY Under $100 Fall Porch Decor & Wreath

Create a beautiful Fall-inspired Pinterest-worthy porch and personalized wreath for under $100!

Happy Fall Ya’ll! I recently decorated my front porch and made a personalized wreath for all under $100 using material I already had around the house and purchase sale items with coupons! You can recreate this look using my list of materials below.

I purchased many of these items from my local Jo-Ann Fabrics over the weekend using coupons and just grabbing things I already had stored in my holiday closet! Around this time, fall decor goes on sale for up to 60% off. Plus, look for weekend-only coupons like the 25% off total purchase that I used over the weekend to save even more on top of the sale price. Sale prices are listed below but cost will vary depending on when you purchase these items.

Personalized Wreath Materials & Cost:

Subtotal: $31.94
-25% off coupon
Total: $23.96

I had some left over floral wire to secure the pumpkins and Hydrangeas to the wreath. If you don’t have any, be sure to purchase the brown one so that it blends in with the vine!

Front Porch

Subtotal: $57.38
-25% off coupon
Total: $43.04

Purchased from local farmer’s market:

  • 3-4 Haystacks $4 each ($12 total)
  • 2 Large Pumpkins $10 each
  • 2 Potted Mums $10 each

Total: $32

Total Cost: $99

So there you have it! That’s the total cost of everything you see here.

DIY Under $100 Fall Porch Decor & Wreath. Pin this for later!

Some items not mentioned include the “Gathering” sign, brown wire, burlap ribbon, and the gold paint I already had to paint the letter K gold and tie it in place.



We also have several Miscanthus sinensis Morning Light – tall grass bushes around our front yard that grows like weed so I snipped several of them and tied them up to add as an accent. They will brown after several weeks and blend in nicely with the hay! Plus, I think they offer a more modern, clean look in comparison to corn stalk!


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