How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Here is a personal review of my experience wearing Full Magnetic Lashes and how to wear them! I hope you find this to be helpful. Let me know in the comments below.

There are mixed reviews about these new Full Magnetic Lashes. First, they have no bend to them, so the first few times when you try to put them on, they will stick out on the ends. I found this to be super frustrating so I actually did not wear them for months and just threw them in the back of my make-up drawer!

I recently tried them on again and I found that if you fold them in half, and bend them into an arch shape, it’s easier to put them on without sticking out on the ends. With the Full Magnetic Lashes, there is no bend or arch because there are three magnetic strips on them, which I believe prevents them from curling naturally because of the heavy weight.

Here is what I did to make them work for me:

Put on your makeup how you normally would wear it first before you put on your false lashes. This includes foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. If you wear eyeliner, use a pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid based liner. The liquid based liner may smudge or shift your lashes.

Curl your own natural lashes and wear mascara first. I literally have NO lashes, so the idea of putting on magnetic lashes that snap over your own lashes was not really something I thought was doable. You have to actually have “lashes” in order to hold the magnetics in place. Putting on mascara helped the magnetics to sit on top, and below my own lashes.

I curled my own lashes and I put a coat of mascara. Put on a slightly thicker mascara coat on the inner corners of your lashes. This is especially important if you are wearing just partial magnetic lashes that go in the outer corner of your eyes. I have the full lashes, which covers the entire eyelid, as opposed to just the corners.

Bend the lashes to create an arch. After putting on mascara, I literally bent the lashes in half to make an arch shape, gently folded them in half a few times to retain the arched shape, then I set the top lashes on top of my real lashes. I quickly put the bottom lashes on and they snapped in place.

The trick to wearing a full magnetic lash? Grab the two ends and BEND your lashes to create a natural curve to match your eyes.

Once the top lashes are in place, while holding the bottom magnetic lashes, lower your entire hand below your eye, near your cheek and pull up to snap them in place. If you start from the side of your face, the magnets will shift and move the top magnet slightly.

Try a few times: You might not get it right the first time and that’s ok. You can just remove them from the edge and try again! I tried 2-3 times before I got them to wrap around the entire edge of my eye lids.

Here are some photos of my eye with absolutely no makeup, so that you can see the magnetic lashes better! As you can see in the bottom photo, I didn’t put the lashes close enough to my lash. To be honest, I have NO lashes at all so it was hard for them to “snap” to anything. My lashes are so thin that they kept shifting further away from my lid. If you have thin lashes like mine, it’s important to curl them and wear mascara to make your natural lashes longer and thicker so that the magnetic lashes will have something to hold on to.

Finish the look: Using a black waterline eyeliner pencil, color the top inner lining of your water line to seamlessly blend in the magnetic lashes.

Wear a black waterline eyeliner on the inside lid of your eyes to blend the magnetic lashes!

Benefits of wearing the Magnetic Lashes

If you can successfully get them on and in place correctly, give your self a pat on the back! Here is the real benefit of why I like the magnetic lashes: There is no glue involved and they actually stay put all day! They are easy to take off and leave no residue. They did not irritate my eyes, however when I first put them on, I could feel a “weight” on my lids. This feeling went away after an hour or two since I got used to wearing them around the house!

I normally wear false lashes with glue when I put on a full face of makeup, and sometimes the glue can irritate my eyes, especially when I try to take it off at night time. Wearing the magnetic lashes is great because it requires no glue and when you take them off at the end of the night, they come off easily.

Removing your Magnetic Lashes

To remove the lashes, gently grab the top lash between your thumb and index finger until the magnet comes a part, then pull the lashes away from your eye, while using your other hand to pull the bottom lash down to detach them.

Storing your Magnetic Lashes

To store the lashes, place them back in the container with the magnetic strip ends together to create a circular shape. This will help them to retain a more arched shape when you do put them on the next time!

The magnetic lash on the top was the one I bent and gently curved to create the arch to match up with my eye. The one on the bottom is how it comes in the box. The bottom one is really flat and doesn’t curve well with the natural shape of eyes. If you wear it straight out of the box like this, it will stick out on the ends!
Grab the ends of your magnetic lashes and snap them together. Store them this way so that they don’t lose their arch/curve for the next time you wear them!

Caring for your Magnetic Lashes

Gently blow on the lashes to remove any specs or mascara residue and use your clean fingers to gently remove any residue. If you have to clean them, place them in a bowl of mild soapy water to rinse them off. Air dry them on a towel and pat dry.

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