What freedom means to me on this Independence Day

Though I would like to simply say “Happy Independence Day” –I feel that for many American families and families around the world, it isn’t a day to celebrate lightly. As everyone is celebrating Independence Day this July 4th, I cannot help but think about the hundreds, if not thousands of families that are currently being separated at the southern border because they are being denied entry into our country. Many of those, refugees who were once like my family and I, seeking a better life, seeking freedom, while running away from violence and poverty.

Historically, this is a day where we celebrate our nation’s independence. Our country’s men and women had to fight for that freedom. For that I am thankful for our founding fathers and for those who have paved the way for us to live in a free country. But, til this day, we are still fighting for freedom!

What does freedom mean to me this Independence Day? I realized that freedom is never a guarantee. It means that we have to continue fighting for it. We have to continue to fight for our right, for what is right. By doing this, we will pave the way for our children to have a better life one day, to have better opportunities than us, to actually live how we want to in the land of the free!

There is clearly a divide in our country and so many issues surrounding us today. I hope one day we will be able to come together and to work together to make things better for the sake of our children.

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