Our Sunroom – Before & After

We made some huge renovations to our sunroom – when we bought our home several years back, our sunroom was completely gutted. It had thin storm windows, bad insulation, old and rotten wood ceilings and walls. I’m really glad I took these before and after photos to show the amazing transformation we made!

For the first few years when we moved into our home, we did not use the room at all, if anything, we used it to store boxes and trash. When we had my daughter we used it as an extra storage space since we we accumulated so many baby items and my home decor, small appliances and cookware had to go somewhere else! I was very unhappy when I stared into that room. It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The floor was cold, the walls were dirty and there were spiders in every nook and cranny. Did I mention, the steps were also HALF-Done by the previous owner? They put in french doors and decided to only put steps on ONE side of the doorway. Who does that? It was such a hazard that we never opened up the other door! In the winter, I used it to store water and perishable food that I couldn’t fit in my refrigerator!

Enough was enough; I decided that it was time we renovated it completely into a livable space for our family when we had our second child. We put in brand new energy efficient windows – a total of 9 windows, a new door, screen door, insulation and dry wall. We also put in new electrical outlets and a ceiling fan. I picked out a light blue for the wall and white trim for the windows. The room was so bright, open and airy! We also painted the floor a deep blue. It looked gorgeous.

I now wish I had taken a photo of the doors and stairway. The OLD steps were made of a block cement that only sat directly below the left door! We were not able to open our french doors due to the hazardous fear that some one might fall not knowing that the other side of the doorway didn’t have steps going into the sunroom!

Who ever installed it (the previous owner) probably didn’t care about the safety issue involved! So when we redid the sunroom, we made sure to level the staircase and to extend it all the way across to the other door as shown in the photo above!

My husband sanded the wooden steps and we stained it a dark brown.

After we got done fixing the Sunroom, I was exhausted! I didn’t know what to do with the brand new room any more! We let our kids play in the room during the summer time.

Then I started using it as a studio space where I could work, do photoshoots, take phone calls with the door shut while I could still peak in and look at the kids in the TV room.

Some days the room was completely clean when I had the chance to clean it up for photoshoots, other days it was filled with toys and boxes.

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I also used it to store our growing stockpile from couponing and as a pantry to make up for the lack of kitchen storage space we had.

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After a year or two, the blue paint on the floor started to peel. The kids took over the room and we had toys and empty boxes EVERY WHERE. I made a conscious decision to throw things away, donate their toys and clothes and use up everything we had gotten from couponing instead of storing it! We really needed the extra space more than we needed 10 bottles of detergent! I really needed my sanity back.

Toward the end of October, last year, we finally decided to put in carpet before the weather got cold and started to fix it up again in November. We got rid of the desks, shelves and toys. This was the best decision we made last  year!

Putting down the carpet really completed the space and made it feel warm and cozy. We also put in an electrical fireplace, a runner for the doorway to help keep the carpet clean and a 5×7 neutral blue rug to protect the carpet. I am beyond happy that the space has come together finally.

We furnished the room with a light blue accent chair from Target, a console table, white cabinets to store snacks and drinks; this beautiful Barryknoll Settee sofa and a faux fur throw. We also put up new curtain rods and floor-to-ceiling curtains. As a final touch (since it was winter) we added an eclectric fireplace/TV stand to warm up the space.

The space looks so much more elegant now, though I do miss the open, bright and airy feel of the sheer window curtains I had hanging up.

I would love to know what you think about the sunroom and what else we should get to complete it –leave me your notes below! If you’ve done a home project and want to share it with me, please leave me a comment or link below too, I’d love to check it out!

Here are the items I got to furnish the room:

Sofa: Barryknoll Settee by Charlton Home at Wayfair


Fireplace: Avondale Grove 48 in. TV Stand Infrared Electric Fireplace in Aged White at Home Depot

Throw: Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Blanket – Project 62™ Target

Rug: Safavieh Evoke Collection EVK270D Vintage Light Blue and Ivory Area Rug (5’1″ x 7’6″) at Amazon + matching runner at Safavieh Evoke Collection EVK270D Vintage Light Blue and Ivory Runner (2’2″ x 7′) at Amazon

Accent Chair:  Cicely Tufted Accent Chair – Christopher Knight Home at Target

Curtains: Casual Weave Textured Semi Sheer Curtains at Amazon

White Cabinets: Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall 36″ Storage Cabinet, White Stipple and SystemBuild Kendall 16″ Storage Cabinet, White Stipple at Amazon

Threshold Windham Console Table

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