October Life Update – Catching up to everything that Fall has to offer

Hi there! Thank you for joining me here at A Mom, With Kids! Each month I will be doing a monthly life update to share highlights of my personal family life and reflecting on the events that happened this month. I look forward to hearing your feedback, feel free to leave me a note in the comments and follow me on Instagram @amomwithkids

Last Month: My husband and I ended the month of September by attending our first football game together and it was so refreshing just spending an entire day with him. We left my 11 month old son for over 8 hours! I have been exclusively nursing him since he was born so this is the longest time I have been away from him!

This Month: October has been such a busy month for my family and I.

My youngest son turned one this month and we had a very special Barnyard theme birthday party with over 100 guests in our home. We got really luck, the weather was perfect! 80 degrees and sunny!

The day before my son’s birthday: I spent the entire day with him shopping for fresh food and supplies. We had to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family and friends who were coming in from out of town. We have a big family!

I spent several weeks leading up to his birthday party working on last minute decorations, baking his cake, cupcakes, in addition to baking him a giant cupcake to do his cake smash photos a few days before the event.

We spent several days cleaning house, rearranging furniture to get ready for family who would be staying with us; decorating the front porch with pumpkins and flowers and I even made our fall wreath at the very last minute!

A few days after the birthday party, I was hospitalized for a kidney stone! I ended up in the ER –twice! The past several years, I’ve been so busy taking care of my three children, along with managing a company and just being a work at home mom, that I neglected my own health. Some days I didn’t have time to eat or even drink a glass of water. That really took a toll on me. I was dehydrated and exhausted.

Now I’m just trying to recover from both big events. On the days where I wasn’t weak or tired from the pain and meds, I managed to catch up to some house chores (I came home to a sink full of dirty dishes, old food in the fridge and freezer, along with all the mess, decorations and leftover food from the birthday party). We also cleaned out the backyard and garage and had about three baskets full of dirty laundry to catch up to.

Despite all of the challenges we faced, I am so very grateful for the people in our lives. Had it not been for my sister, our close friends and relatives we would not have survived this month! They helped us take care of the kids –I did not want them to see me in the hospital so we kept them at our relatives home while my husband was by my side through it all! I was unable to nurse my son for several days – this was probably the hardest thing for me to coop with. I want to give and give and give but I could not even give him the most basic thing in life. I am grateful he is such a good eater that he did just fine without me. I took it the hardest. During that time, I pumped and dumped because I was on so much medication, it wouldn’t have been safe for me to feed him.

We are back to nursing during night time before he is off to sleep and the afternoons during his nap. I nursed my 2nd son until he was about 16 months so that is sort of the mark we’re aiming for with my youngest.

Despite the excruciating pain from having a kidney stone, I also attended a much anticipated baby shower for a close relative and made star-shaped cake pops that were a huge hit! On any normal day, I would have taken photos of my cake pops, but I was in a hurry and still very much in pain from the kidney stone removal procedure that I had. This is the only photo I was able to snag, taken from a friend!

This weekend we are looking forward to enjoying a local trunk-n-treat event for the kids and just relaxing on Sunday! We bought the kids Halloween costumes last month and were so excited to have them wear it finally! Photos to come!

I’m still working on a costume for my husband and I –although he’s reluctant to wear anything for Halloween! Any suggestion on getting him to participate?

Now that the end of the month is coming soon, I am looking forward to November and all that it has to offer including family trips, Thanksgiving, my oldest son’s 3rd birthday and redecorating for the Holidays.

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