November Life Update

November just flew by. Thanksgiving creeped up on us! The month was so busy for me with work and family.

The kids got a viral infection that caused these red itchy bumps on there hands and feet and my older son had it worst: on his tongue so we ended up in the doctor’s office twice.

I remember standing in line to check out at the doctors office and the receptionist said “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” and I just thought to myself: Lady, we just took the kids out for Halloween this past Friday and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet! I’m still recovering from Halloween candy overdose and just put up my fall patio decor, we’re not even close to Thanksgiving yet.

But Thanksgiving creeped up on us, along with Black Friday and now here we are just days away from Christmas 🙈 so now I kind of see why she was so eager to greet me with Season’s Greetings in early November!

Despite this: we accomplished so much in November. We added carpet to our sunroom, bought a few furniture pieces and decorated the room exactly how I envisioned it!  Plus we celebrated my oldest sons birthday, my husband birthday, AND we put down new flooring in our kitchen (to be blogged about in January when I recover from the Holidays!) How insane does that sound? It’s pretty crazy how much went on in such a short amount of time!

Now that December is here, I cannot wait for our Christmas Eve dinner (we’re hosting this year!) and opening presents with the kids on Christmas morning.

It’s also now my birthday month and I’m already thinking about goals for next year! 2017 was a beautiful year for us in terms of family, career goals and finances and 2018 is going to be even better! I see travel and more home improvements on the horizon!

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