Learning to sew at a young age taught me so much more than just sewing!

One of the most amazing and life-long skills that I learned as a child was how to sew using a sewing machine. I remember being about 11-years-old and my mom, who was a stay at home mom caring for my siblings and I, would bring home boxes of sweaters with greek letters on them from a company that manufactured and sold them. The company would iron on these greek letters to sweatshirts and hoodies and we would sew the outline of the letters in a zig-zag pattern to finish them. She would literally force me to help her sew these greek letters onto the sweaters.

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We earned about $0.50 per letter that we sewed. Sometimes I got really lazy and would try to cut corners but that didn’t last because every letter was inspected for quality and if there were any small mistakes like the thread going out of the letter, it would be returned and we’d have to redo it. I had NO idea what these letters even stood for, and I didn’t realize how much these sweaters actually cost! We literally made pennies growing up.

At that time, I was resentful because it wasn’t something I enjoyed doing or found to be fun. While my brothers and other kids were out having fun, I was indoors sewing every day with my mom! Now that I look back, I am so grateful for the life-long skill that she taught me!

My mother did this for many years to earn a living from home, all the while being at home with her 9 children! Yes I have 8 siblings!

Not only do I know how to sew, I’ve learned that hard work, being humble and grit are traits that have helped me to become successful and grateful about any aspect of my life! I have her to thank for this!

Sewing is a great way to create unique things by hand but it’s also a skill that can teach you how to solve problems and be creative! There are so many great resources out there for learning how to sew. If you want to get started, just check out this book: First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide: Learn By Doing – Step-by-Step Basics and Easy Projects and Sewing School for kids. If you want to teach your own kids at a young age, there are kits that will inspire them to get started too! Check out the ALEX Toys Craft Kits.

I hope to instill this mindset in my own children, who are still very young. My daughter is very into fashion right now and loves to use my scraps to make clothes for her dolls. If you are looking to give your child a life-long skill that they can use as adults, it may just be sewing or crafting too!

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